Bidders must carefully peruse the provisions of the legislative requirements, scope of works, and the general and special conditions of bid, which are included in the bidding documents.

ERWAT reserves the right not to accept the lowest bid, to award the bid in part, to award the bid to more than one bidder or to not award the bid at all and the bidders will have no claim of any kind in this regard.

Bids must be hand delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the Bid Number and Bid Description to the Bid Box situated at the address: ERWAT Head Office, Hartebeestfontein Office Park, Bapsfontein Road (R25), Kempton Park.

Bids/Proposals not received on the specified date and time, will be marked as late and such will in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy of ERWAT, not be accepted or considered by ERWAT as valid.

Bid documents submitted electronically or via Facsimile will not be accepted, (unless stated otherwise in the advertisement or tender documents).

You may consider your bid to be unsuccessful if ERWAT has not contacted you within 90 days of submission thereof. ERWAT does however advertise the awards of the bids on its website.

ERWAT reserves the right not to consider any bid not suitably endorsed or comprehensively completed, Bids completed in pencil is regarded as invalid bids. Bidders may not use any form of correction fluid in the tender documents. Errors must be crossed out, corrected in ink and suitably endorsed.

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