Quotations: R30,000 – R200,000


  • Completed tenders / quotations must be in a Sealed Envelope clearly marked with Bid Number and Description may be hand delivered and deposited in the stipulated Tender Box (marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday respectively) at ERWAT Head Office, Hartebeestfontein Office Park, Bapsfontein Road, Kempton Park, on the said closing date on or before 12:00 pm.
  • No faxed bids/proposals shall be accepted. In the event of uncertainty, kindly visit the receptionist situated at the FOYER of the main building for clarity.
  • Please note that bids not received on the specific time and date will be marked as late bids/proposals and such bids/proposals will, in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy of ERWAT, not be considered by ERWAT as valid bids/proposals.
  • Complete quotations with supporting documents must be sealed and externally endorsed with Bid Number and marked with the full Description and placed in the relevant Bid Box as stipulated in the advertisement and/or bidding document.
  • Bidders may attend the web-tender opening sessions in the event of submitting a tender in the web-tender boxes.


  • Bidders may submit their web-bids via e-mail: webtenders@erwat.co.za in a PDF format only.
  • Bidders must complete the SUBJECT BOX with the relevant web-tender number and full description as advertised.
  • Failure to include this may render your bid invalid.
  • Please note that bids submitted electronically must be in the above e-mail address on or before 12:00 of the stipulated closing date. No electronic submissions received after 12:00will be considered for recording and or evaluation.
  • Bidders may submit documents and attachments up to 10MB.
  • Bidders will be required to compress their file to a compact PDF format.
  • In the event that larger files are sent to the e-mail address, it will be received in ERWAT’s Mimecast site.
  • Bidders must please note that the Mimecast does not accept zipped files, only PDF files.
  • In the event that bidders are required to submit samples, it is advised that they submit the document electronically as well as submit in the tender boxes and attend the opening session.

Please Note: MIMECAST only retains the mails received with attachments larger than 10mb for 3 days. Please ensure that your submission falls within access to such within this period.

NB: In the event that an electronic version and a hard copy is delivered for a respective bid, the signed hard copy submitted in the tender box will prevail and the electronic copy will be disregarded.

  • Please note that the web-tender boxes will be opened first and recorded in the web-tender register on the date and time stipulated in the advertisement and or bid documents. The relevant buyer responsible for the placement of the ad on the web-tender folder will directly thereafter peruse the web-tender e-mail, download the relevant web-tender, print, and record such in the same register.
  • ERWAT will access the e-mail thread from the individual e-mail responses received for audit trail that will be attached to the relevant bidder’s response received.

View Supply Chain Management (SCM) Procedures & Policies

DateBid Number Bid DescriptionClosing DateStatus
2019-04-24ERW201904/030COLLECT, REPAIR AND DELIVERY OF VARIOUS MOTORS2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-24ERW201904/029BUILDING REPAIRS AT JAN SMUTS WCW2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-24ERW201904/028GENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS AT RYNFIELD WCW2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-24ERW201904/027COLLECT, REPAIR AND DELIVERY OF VARIOUS PUMPS2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-24ERW201904/026BUILDING REPAIRS AT CARL GRUNDLING WCW2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-24ERW201904/024GENERAL SAFETY REPAIRS AT ERWAT- HEAD OFFICE2019-05-02 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-18ERW201904/022REPAIR GEARBOX FOR 455 MESSEY FERGUSON TRACTOR AT RYNFIELD WCW2019-04-29 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-17ERW201904/021REPAIRS FOR LANDINI TRACTOR AT ANCOR WWCW2019-04-29 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-16ERW201904/019SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF X5 (Five) LAPTOPS WITH BACK PACKS FOR ERWAT HEAD OFFICE2019-04-26 12:00 pmActive
2019-04-15ERW201904/017GENERAL SAFETY AND BUILDING REPAIRS AT WATERVAL PLANT2019-04-24 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-15ERW201904/016COLLECT, REPAIR AND DELIVERY OF VARIOUS PUMPS2019-04-24 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-10ERW201903/017RSERVICE OF MOBILE PUMPS AT WATERVAL – RE-ADVERT2019-04-17 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-10ERW201904/013SUPPLY OF MN85\90 110MM FILTER PAPERS2019-04-17 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-09ERW201904/012GENERAL SAFETY REPAIRS AT THE LABORATORY SERVICES2019-04-16 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-09ERW201904/011SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF THREE (3) NEW MOTORS AT DD3 WORKSHOP2019-04-16 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-09ERW201904/010UPGRADE OF ERWAT’s DISASTER RECOVERY FIBRE LINK TO HEAD OFFICE FROM 1Gbps TO 10Gbps2019-04-16 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-08ERW201904/009PLUMBING AND BUILDING REPAIRS AT ANCOR WWTW2019-04-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-08ERW201904/008BUILDING REAPAIRS AT WELGEDACHT WWTW2019-04-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-08ERW201904/007BUILDING REPAIRS AT DAVEYTON WWTW2019-04-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-08ERW201904/006BUILDING REPAIRS JP MARAIS WWTW2019-04-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-03ERW201904/005Collect, Repair And Deliver Of Various Motors2019-04-10 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-03ERW201904/004Repair 1 Off Screw Pumps At Inlet Works JP Marais WCW.2019-04-10 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-02ERW201904/003Supply Cleaning Materials For DD5 WCW2019-04-09 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-02ERW201903/038RRe – Advert: Removal And Disposal Of COD Waste From The Laboratory As And When Required (Call For Service) For A Period Of 12 Months2019-04-09 12:00 pmClosed
2019-04-02ERW201904/001Supply And Deliver Of Electrical Spares At Hartebeestfontein WWCW2019-04-09 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-29ERW201903/050Needs Audit, Refurbishement, Testing, Commissioning And Hand Over Of The Generator At Moule D Vlakplaats WWCW2019-04-05 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-29ERW201903/049Collect, Repair And Deliver Of Various Motors2019-04-05 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-29ERW201903/048Collect, Repair And Deliver Of various Pumps2019-04-05 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-28ERW201903/047Rental (For 3 Months), Deliver And Installation Of A 45kw 380vac Floating Aerator For Rynfield WWCW2019-04-04 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-28ERW201903/046Once Off Grass Cutting On Pumpstation Sites ( Job Card 19-4667)2019-04-04 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-27ERW201811/027Re-advert: Supply And Delivery Of Equipment At Hartebeestfontein WWCW2019-04-03 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-27ERW201903/045Provision Of Offsite Advanced Plc Training For Sixteen (No.16) Delegates2019-04-03 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-27ERW201903/044Collect, Repair And Deliver Of Various Pumps2019-04-03 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-26ERW201903/043Repair Blower For Ratanda WCW.2019-04-02 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-26ERW201903/042Supply And Delivery Of Lubricants For Waterval WWCW2019-04-02 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-26ERW201903/041Supply Critical Safety Signs To DD6 Region2019-04-02 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-26ERW201903/040Supply, Delivery And Installation Of A Lifebuoy Rings And Lifejackets At ERWAT DD32019-04-02 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-25ERW201903/039Supply Of Bio-hazardous Waste Supplies, Removal And Incineration Of Bio-hazardous Waste At ERWAT Laboratory For 12 Months2019-04-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-25ERW201903/038BRemoval And Disposal Of COD Waste From The Laboratory As And When Required (Call For Service) For A Period Of 12 Months2019-04-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-22ERW201903/037BRepair Collapsed Section Of The Pipe And Minor Building Repairs At Dekema WWTW2019-03-29 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-22ERW201903/036BRepair Broken Palisade Fence At Rondebult WWTW2019-03-29 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-22ERW201903/038ARepair Diesel Bowser Pipes And Valve, Seal And Paint The Bund Wall Of The Ferric Tank At Rynfield WWTW2019-03-29 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/037ASupply Tyres to Waterval WWTW2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/010Re-advert Fumigate And Pest Control Services At Hartebeestfontein Office Park.2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/036AInspect, Load Test, Report On Repairs Of All Lifting Equipment On Olifantsfontein Wwcw2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/035Supply And Delivery Of General Electrical Small Tools For Waterval Maintenance Workshop2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/034Urgent Safety Repair At Herbert Bickley Wwcw2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/033Repair 2 off Screw pumps at RAS pump station Module 2 at Welgedacht WCW2019-03-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/032Supply And Delivery Of Motor Protection And Control Unit Spares For Waterval Wwcw. (Aerator 1.1)2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/031Module 4 Aerator 2.4 55kw Flender Gearbox Repair For Waterval Wwcw2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/030Supply And Delivery Of 55kw Variable Speed Drive Unit (Aerator 2.4)2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-20ERW201903/029Module 4 Aerator 1.1 Motor Repair (75kw Weg)2019-03-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-19ERW201903/028Supply And Delivery Of Light Fittings2019-03-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-15ERW201903/027Supply, Install And Commissioning Of Various Communication And Control Cards For The HST Blower At The Hartebeestfontein WCW2019-03-22 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-14ERW201903/026Major Service And Repair On X2 Godwin Mobile Pumps2019-03-22 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-14ERW201903/025Strip And Quote On Auto Electrical Wiring On Komatsu Front Loader And Massey Fergurson Tractor At Vlakplaats WWCW2019-03-22 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-14ERW201903/024Cleaning Or Redrill Boreholes No 1, 3 And 5 At Vlakplaats WWCW2019-03-22 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-13ERW201903/023Laboratory Management And Leadership Training2019-03-20 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-13ERW201903/022Experienced Consultant/s To Assist And Successfully Complete The Transitioning Process Of ERWAT Laboratory’s Current Management System2019-03-20 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-13ERW201903/021Collect, Strip, Quote, Repair, Install, Commission Of 1x1robush Blower At Hartebeesfontein2019-03-20 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/020Supply And Delivery Of 55kw Variable Speed Drive Unit For Waterval WWCW (Aerator 2.5)2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/019Module 4 Aerator 2.7 And 1.3 Motor Repair (75KW And 55KW WEG)2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/018Module 4 Aerator 1.4 55kw Flender Gearbox Repair For Waterval WWCW2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/017Service Of Mobile Pumps At Waterval2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/016Service Of Landini Tractors At Waterval2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/015Exhibition And Conferences: Transportation Of Exhibition Stand2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/014Collection, Repair, Inspection (Third Party Inspection), Balancing (With Certificate), Copon Painting, Delivery And Installation of 75kW Aerator Turbine And Shaft At Module 32019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/013Repair Brush Aerator Gearbox For Carl Grundling WCW2019-03-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/011Clean And Unblock Digester Gas Collection Line, Service And Repair Safety System For Gas Holding Tank Welgedacht WCW2019-03-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-12ERW201903/012Repair Blower For Ratanda WCW2019-03-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-11ERW201902/018Supply And Apply Biological Waste Water Cleaning Products And Perform Treatment On 9 X Retention Ponds At WWTW2019-03-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-11ERW201903/010Fumigate And Pest Control Services At Hartebeestfontein Office Park.2019-03-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-07ERW201903/009Supply And Delivery Of Personal Protective Clothing And Equipment (PPE)2019-03-14 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-06ERW201903/008Module 4 Clarifier No.2 Bridge Runner Way Cladding. For Waterval WWCW (Boilermaker Job)2019-03-12 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-06ERW201903/007Cleaning Of Wattville Main Sewer After Blockage Between Manhole 144 To 155 Building Of Concrete Manhole 1250 Mmx2,5 M High With Concrete Cover On Main Sewer Adding Of Chemicals After Cleaning Removal Of All Excess Material2019-03-12 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-06ERW201903/006Servicing And Calibration Of Spectroquant Nova 60 Spectrophotometer X22019-03-12 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-06ERW201903/005Taking Drone Photographs And Videos Of 25 ERWAT Wastewater Treatment Works And Industries2019-03-13 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-06ERW201903/004Repair 2 Off Screw Pumps At Balancing Tank At Welgedacht WCW2019-03-13 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-05ERW201903/003Supply, Delivery and Installation of a Cooling System for the Module 3 MCC Panel Room at Olifantsfontein Wastewater Treatment Works2019-03-12 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-04ERW201903/002Removal And Disposal Of Cod Waste From The Laboratory As And When Required (Call For Service) For A Period Of 12 Months2019-03-11 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-04ERW201903/001Building Repairs At Olifantsfontein WWTW2019-03-11 12:00 pmClosed
2019-03-01ERW201902/033Needs Audit Supply Delivery Refurbishement Testing And Commissioning Of Vandalised Generators At Selected ERWAT Pump Stations2019-03-08 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-27ERW201902/032Replace Portion Of Concrete Pipe And Open And Cleaning Of Blockage On Kwa Thema Main Sewer To Ancor WCW2019-03-06 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-25ERW201902/030Collect, Repair And Deliver Of Various Pumps2019-03-04 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-25ERW201902/031Collect, Repair And Deliver Of Various Pumps2019-03-04 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-25ERW201902/029Repair Axial Flow For Tsakane WCW2019-03-04 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-21ERW201809/008RE-ADVERT: Design and Layout, Translate English to Isizulu and Sepedi, Editing, Printing, Pictures: Newsletter (Imbumba)2019-02-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-21ERW201902/027Replace Existing Electrified Fence, Casting Of Concrete Slab And Refurbish And Move Gate2019-02-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-21ERW201902/028Repairs Of Electrified Fence, Gate Motors, Boom Gates And Installation Of Power Cable2019-02-28 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/020Repair 2 Off Flygt Submersible Pumps At Welgedacht WCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/021Repair 1 Off Borger Geared Pump At JP Marais WCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/022Repair 1 Off Hidrostall Submersible Pump At JP Marais WCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/023Repair 1 Off Grundfoss Submersible Mixers At JP Marais WCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/024Supply And Deliver Of A Weg Flange Mounted 75kw 4 Pole 380vac W22 Motor And Coupling From Module 3 Gearbox At Olifantsfontein WWCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/025Modify / Manufacture Baseplate For A P4 Hansen Gearbox For Module 3 At Olifantsfontein WWCW2019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-20ERW201902/026Supply And Delivery Of Electrical Spares. :job Number 19-36202019-02-27 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-19ERW201902/017Repair Axial Flow Pump For Tsakane WCW2019-02-26 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-19ERW201902/018Re-advert: Supply Bio-remediation And Oxygenation Product To Waterval WWTW For The Ponds Application2019-02-26 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-19ERW201902/019Service Of Massey Ferguson 455 Tractor And Supply Of Tractor Related Consumables At Heidelberg WWTW2019-02-26 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-19ERW201902/015Repair Brush Aerators For Carl Grundling WCW2019-02-26 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-19ERW201902/016Repair 45kw Immersible Pump For Heidelberg WCW2019-02-26 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-18ERW201902/011Repair Leaking Water And Sludge Pipes At Hartebeestfontein WWTP2019-02-25 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-18ERW201902/012Supply And Delivery Of Consumables At DD3 Technical Workshop – Hartebeestfontein WWCW2019-02-25 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-18ERW201902/013Remove, Repair, Install And Commission Of A RNF-36 Hansen Gearbox From Module 3 Gearbox At Olifantsfontein WWCW2019-02-25 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-18ERW201902/014Remove, Repair, Install And Commission Of A 75KW 4 Pole 380VAC Motor From Module 3 Gearbox At Olifantsfontein WWCW2019-02-25 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-14ERW201902/008Supply And Delivery Of Pippettes, Free Chlorine Reagents And Other Safety Equipment At Heidelberg2019-02-21 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-14ERW201902/010Collect, Strip, Quote, Repair, Install, Commission Of 2x Mixtec Gearbox And 1x Sew Euro Drive 3kw Motor2019-02-21 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-12ERW201901/033Major Service Of Massey Fergurson Tractors At Vlakplaats WWCW2019-02-06 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-12ERW201902/007Supply And Delivery Of Calcite Agricultural Lime Bulk To Waterval WWTW2019-02-19 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-12ERW201902/005Supply Electrical Spares DD5 At Welgedacht WCW2019-02-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-11ERW201902/006Supply And Installation Of 8 Single Hdd Fibre Cable At ERWAT Hartebeesfontein Plant2019-02-18 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-08ERW201902/003Supply And Delivery Of Electrical Spares : Benoni WWCW2019-02-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-08ERW201902/004Repairs To Massey Ferguson Tractors At Welgedacht WCW2019-02-15 12:00 pmClosed
2019-02-07ERW201902/002Supply Of And Deliver Of Binder Free Glass Microfiber Filters Papers Circles 110mm2019-02-14 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-31ERW201901/037Supply 2 off VSD’s for Daveyton WCW at Welgedacht WCW2019-02-07 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-31ERW201901/038Provision of Service connections (plumbing and electrical ) for prefabricated modular containers at ERWAT Hartebeestfontein and Ancor WWCW2019-02-07 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-30ERW201901/034Supply And Delivery Of Gridded Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Filters To ERWAT Laboratory Services2019-02-06 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-30ERW201901/035Supply And Delivery Of 3 Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) Digestors2019-02-06 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-301901/036Supply, Delivery, Installation And Monitoring Of A Tracking System That Will Include Hardware, Software, Labour, Cellular Airtime And Maintenance On A 03-month Rental Basis2019-02-06 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-29ERW201901/031Once Off Grass Cutting On Pumpstation Sites ( Job Card 19-3502)2019-02-05 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-29ERW201901/032Supply, Rental, Delivery And Placement Of Mobile Containers For Offices And Ablution Facilities At ERWAT Hartebeestfontein And Ancor WWCW2019-02-05 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-25ERW201901/029Supply And Deliver Light Spares For Vlakplaats WWTW2019-02-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-25ERW201901/028Supply And Delivery Of Lubricants To Vlakplaats WWTW2019-02-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-25ERW201901/027Supply And Delivery Of Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets At ERWAT Rondebult WWCW2019-02-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-25ERW201901/026Supply And Delivery Of WEG Sacfw110017t4sz VSD At Hartebeestfontein2019-02-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-25ERW201810/032Re-advert: Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Cable Protectors At ERWAT Heidelburg Waste Water Care Works2019-02-01 12:00 pmClosed
2019-01-21ERW201901/025Appointment Of A Service Provider To Render HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme Services To Be Conducted For ERWAT Employees Including Management For A Period Of Five (05) Months2019-01-28 12:00 pmClosed