ERWAT’s operations and maintenance (O&M) systems are among the better ones within wastewater treatment plants in South Africa. With a strategic vision to collaborate with municipal entities locally and across the developing world, ERWAT’s expanding business model already provides outsourced O&M solutions for private industry and other municipalities.

Through managing the wastewater needs of the City of Ekurhuleni, the East Rand Water Care Company (ERWAT) is the sole provider of this essential service to a community that now numbers close to four million. Within the mix are key industries like agriculture, manufacturing and mining, which collectively make a major contribution to South Africa’s GDP performance. ERWAT currently has 19 plants, a number of which are operating beyond their design capacity: some of these facilities date back to the 1950s and all of them were designed to operate independently to service dedicated towns and their industries. However, thanks to an effective and efficient O&M regime, these critical works remain compliant. In the meantime, detailed plans are in place to meet medium- and longer-term demand projections and, in the process, consolidate, upgrade and reengineer a select number of these facilities to meet ERWAT’s forward strategy, working with consulting engineers and specialist contractors as part of the construction mix. The end result is that the current decentralised set-up will transition to a centralised network with fewer plants, which are scaled up to meet socio-economic priorities via pipeline and intelligent ICT infrastructure. That will also entail the rationalisation of approximately 136 existing wastewater pump stations.

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