Web Tenders: R30 000 - R200 000

  • Bidders attention is specifically drawn to the provisions of the scope of works of bid and the conditions of bid which are included in the bidding documents.
  • ERWAT reserves the right to not accept the lowest bid, to award the bid to more than one bidder, to award the bid in part or to not award the bid at all and the bidders will have no claim of any kind in this regard.
  • No faxed or e-mailed bids will be accepted.
  • You may consider your bid to be unsuccessful if ERWAT has not contacted you within 90 days of submission thereof.  ERWAT does however advertise the awards of the bids on its website.

Vendor Registration

Verification of Matters with SARS

  • Bidders are required to ensure that their tax matters are in order and can submit their pin with authorisation as stipulated in the bidding document.

Submission of Bids

  • All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the relevant bid number and description that must be deposited in the relevant tender box on the said closing date on or before 12:00 pm. 
  • No late bids will be accepted or considered.
  • Bidders are required to ensure that their bid is deposited in the correct bid box that is marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 
  • The closing date will be the indication for which tender box day is relevant

The following documents are available for download for ease of reference


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General email: mail@erwat.co.za

Laboratory email: laboratory@erwat.co.za

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