ERWAT is commercially orientated and regards its business to be the management of the earth’s most sensitive natural resource. ERWAT acknowledges the fact that its activities have the potential to impact directly on social, economical and natural environments. The company is therefore committed to the protection of the environment by avoiding pollution of natural streams, groundwater, soil and air. Effluent, sludge and odours in particular are managed to ensure environmentally safe, purified water, which complies with the disposal standards. For this reason, the Board of Directors and management of the company are committed to the principles of continuous improvement by means of:

  • Providing a skilled, motivated and competent workforce, and promoting multidisciplinary interactive support arrangements across departmental borders, in order to minimize the impact of technical or operational default;
  • Ensuring the technical and/ or physical ability of treatment plants through capital upgrading and preventative maintenance programmes;
  • Formal identification of risk factors at each of its plants and the management of such factors to avoid risks;
  • Industry-focused research and development initiatives to address process problems within the industry, as well as to identify, evaluate, develop and introduce new technologies;
  • Liaison and co-operation with the regulator and related institutions to continually establish or improve appropriate water quality standards and operational procedures;
  • Striving to minimize impact on natural resources through ongoing measurement of input and output performances;

In addition to the above-listed initiatives, ERWAT strives towards further improvement by:

  • Encouraging sound effluent treatment practices within industries.
  • Co-operation and involvement in catchment management organizations.
  • Involvement of interested and affected parties in the decision-making process.Adhering to the relevant legislative requirements.

This commitment in respect of environmental management is reflected in ERWAT’s strategic business plans, training and induction programmes as well as internal and external communication projects.


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