Physical Address: Brickfield Road, Motsamai Section, Katlehong

The Dekema works is situated in Katlehong and falls within the DD6 drainage district. It was built in 1936 with a capacity of 36 megalitres per day. It receives its raw sewage from parts of Germiston, Alberton and Katlehong. Conventional biological filtration is employed and it consists of 8 sections.

A central inlet works, incorporating the process of screening and grit removal serves the plant. Some of the screened, degritted sewage is bypassed to the nearby Waterval. The remainder of the flow is treated in the biological filtration processes that include primary clarification, biological filtraters and humus clarification. The effluent is treated chemically to remove ortho-phosphate before discharging it into the Natalspruit. Sludge derived from the treatment process is applied to surrounding land and ploughed into the soil.

Capacity : 36.00 Mℓ/d