Physical Address: Wanderers Street Ext, Brakpan

The Jan Smuts works is situated in Brakpan and falls within the DD5 drainage district. Built in 1938 and upgraded and extended on several occasions over a period of time, the design capacity of the works is 10 megalitres per day for effluent from the Brakpan, Dalview, Dalpark and Vulcania areas. Conventional biological filtration is employed as the main treatment process.

A central inlet works incorporating the processes of screening and grit removal serves the works. The biological filtration process includes primary sedimentation, biological filtration and humus clarification. The humus tank effluent is filtered through rapid sand filters and then treated to chemically remove ortho- phosphate. The final effluent is chlorinated before discharging it into the Jan Smuts Dam. The outflow of the dam flows into the Blesbokspruit.

Capacity : 10.00 Mℓ/d