Green Drop certification is an incentive-based regulation that focuses on the entire wastewater business of the water services institutions. It is a critical driver to improve and turn around sub-standard wastewater management services, whilst recognising and rewarding excellence in the sector. The certification programme recognises competency. It ensures that treatment processes continue without interruption and with great responsibility and due diligence in ensuring that public health is protected and the environment is conserved for future generations.

ERWAT has made the strategic decision to align its current performance monitoring and management systems with the principles of the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWAS) Green Drop Certification system. The company created a management strategy tool which will enable us to continuously improve operation and management with the intent of achieving Green Drop certification status in all of our wastewater treatment works (WWTW).

Nationally, ERWAT’s Green drop performance in 2013 report was 83.61% with 3 wastewater treatment works receiving Green drop certification, namely Hartebeestfontein WWTW and Waterval WWTW as well as Dekema WWTW, that retained its Green Drop status since 2011.


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