Green Drop status is given to municipalities that comply with good wastewater discharge standards for 90 percent of the time for the following criteria:

  • operational staff
  • wastewater quality monitoring
  • wastewater sample analysis
  • submission of wastewater quality results
  • wastewater quality compliance
  • management of wastewater quality failures
  • storm-water management
  • bylaws
  • wastewater treatment capacity
  • publication of wastewater quality performance
  • wastewater asset management

Green Drop status implies excellent wastewater management and a respect for the environment and the health of the community at large.

Nationally, ERWAT’s Green drop performance in 2013 report was 83.61% with 3 wastewater treatment works receiving Green drop certification, namely Hartebeestfontein WWTW and Waterval WWTW as well as Dekema WWTW, that retained its Green Drop status since 2011.


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