Author: Zanele
Date posted: 2018-02-16
Bid Number: ERW201802/042

Bidders are hereby invited for the:


Supply, delivery and erection of new carports at ERWAT Head Office



ERWAT (East Rand Water Care Company) is in quest of bids from reputable contractors with relevant experience in supplying, delivering and installation of covered carports (18 in number) at the ERWAT head office. The objective of the project is to provide safe vehicles parking area against weather elements.


Scope of work

The scope includes:


          Provision for preliminary and general: Fixed Charges and Value Related Items: Contractual Requirements, Facilities of Contractor and Safety Plan

          Provision for supply, installation and erection of 18 new covered carports at ERWAT Head Office.

          Miscellaneous and Finishing: Supply roof nail 250, Supply roof nail washers 250 and Provision for Consumables, Supply program schedule

          Project Completion: Supply as-built drawings after construction, Supply results of concrete strength tests and provision for Handing over procedures.

          Concrete Foundation: Concrete work should be in line with the SABS 1200 G regulations. Concrete foundation must be a 15 MPa

          Provision for Earthworks, the proposal to provide and supply for ground preparation for poles installations.

The contractor must make provision for ground preparation. i.e. Removal of pavement bricks

          Project Completion: Handover will be applicable when the project is in complete working order and all work and services as set out in an orderly manner. During the handover the contractor should provide ERWAT with the results of the tests and further provide concrete tests results (the slump test and the cube test). The contractor must also provide documentation on guarantee of work completed.


Qualification criteria:

1.         Provide prior knowledge of supplying and installation of carports.

2.         Carports should meet the specified requirements.

3.         Delivery period once an order number is issued.

4.         Suppliers should be registered on ERWAT data base or /with Central Supplier’s Data (CSD).


Quotation Requirements:

Work offered that DO NOT comply with the data sheet will not be evaluated. The successful bidder must register on the ERWAT vendors list. Forms to be downloaded from the ERWAT website. Quotation evaluation shall be performed on 80:20 principles (pricing and functionality 80% and BBBEE 20%)

Evaluation Criteria followed to evaluate quotations – Preference points system (PPS) as included in the Preferential Procurement Regulations of:


Contract value


Additional Considerations


Equal to or above R 30 000.00 and up to R 200 000

Ps = 80(1- (Pt-P min/P))


Ps = Points scored for price of bid under consideration.

Pt = Rand value of bid under consideration.

P min = Rand value of lowest acceptable bid.

Maximum of 20 points may be awarded for being HDI, subcontracting with an HDI, and/or achieving specified goals.

Above points must be added to points scored for price.

Only bidder with the highest points scored may be selected.







    Bid closing date: 2018-02-23
    Compulsory site meeting: A compulsory information session will be held at 10h00 on TUESDAY, 20/02/2018. Prospective bidders are requested to meet on the said date and time on site at Development Boardroom.

    Contact Person:

    Thuthula Mpokeli
    Contact number: 011 929 7030
    E-mail address:
    Bid validity period: 07 Days
    Physical address
    where bid documents
    can be collected:
    ERWAT Head Office,
    Hartebeestfontein Office Park,
    R25, Norkem Park.
    Day when Quotation is to be submitted to ERWAT Offices:
    CIBD Required? N/A



    Work offered that DO NOT comply with the specifications will not be evaluated. The successful bidder must register on National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database.

    Website Tenders evaluation shall be performed on 80:20 principles (Pricing and functionality 80% and BBBEE 20%).


    • Valid Certified copy or original BBBEE Compliance Certificate;
    • Valid Tax Clearance Pin issued by SARS on e-filing;
    • Copy of Latest Municipal Account (not older than three months from date of closing);
    • Declaration of Interest – MBD 4.2

    NB: Bidders will not be allowed on any of the ERWAT sites without a work permit and the correct PPE gear.


    All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the relevant bid number and description that must be deposited in the relevant tender box on the said closing date on or before 12:00 pm

    No late bids will be accepted or considered.

    Bidders are required to ensure that their bid is deposited in the correct bid box that is marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

    The closing date will be the indication for which tender box day is relevant.