Author : Zanele
Date posted : 2017-10-27
Bid Number : ERW201710/057

Description :

Bidders are hereby invited for the:

Quotation requirements

Bidders are hereby invited for the:

To provide their services for scanning, capturing and documenting of Old ERWAT as-build drawings. The purpose of this assignment is to scan, describe and categorically document old as-build drawings. To create soft copies that are stored in a centralised IT drive for access of relevant stakeholders.

This task is a pre-development of creating a centralised drawing office for ERWAT.

Scope of Work: Digitisation of Drawings.

1.     Scan and Capture old as-build drawings.

2.     Rename, list and categorise the drawings.

3.     Bidders are therefore invited for Digitisation of Drawings.

Scope of Work

Digitisation is to be undertaken for all the drawings of various types of Vessels that are available in the drawing office record room. Hard copies of drawings are available in the sizes of A0, A1, A2, and A3 and A4.

The drawings are to be scanned and converted into PDF format, latest version format should be compatible to the software that can be user friendly to ERWAT. The capturing of the drawings should not compromise the scale and alignment without changing the order or any dimension.

Digitisation is to be undertaken at contractor’s premises.  All the Digitised drawings to be stored in the CD’s/DVD’s.

Necessary scanners, computers, manpower etc shall be under contractor’s scope.

Bidders have to check the drawings for any errors in scale, blurry image, corrupted file etc., and the procedure must ensure the quality is achieved.

The nature of work shall maintain a high confidentiality and no information or documents will be allowed to be published or taken out of premises without ERWAT permission.

Evaluation criteria

Complete the MBD 6 2 LOCAL CONTENT for drawing office form Attached

Services offered that are not in line with the above or Do Not comply with the specifications will not be evaluated; the successful bidder must register on the ERWAT vendors list. Forms for registering must be downloaded from the ERWAT website. Quotations evaluation shall be performed on 80:20 principles (pricing and functionality 80% and BBBEE 20%)

General requirements

The criteria followed to evaluate quotations- Preference Points system (PPS) as included in the preferential procurement regulation of:

Please note the following requirements must be meet to avoid disqualification:

-      Proposals/bids will not be considered if the bidder was absent from the compulsory site meeting.

-      Signature on the attendance register as proof of bidder’s presence.

-      Bidders shall submit the copy of BBBEE compliance certificate

-      Copy of Tax clearance certificate must be attached

-      Copy of the latest municipal account and certification must be provided

-      Declaration of interest (downloaded from ERWAT website /procurement /service provider registration)

-      Proof of work of similar nature

-      Guarantee period of twelve (12) months is required in all materials

-      Warranty on the workmanship

-      Bidders must submit details of equipment like scanners, software, computer etc., which would be utilized for this project. 

Bid closing date : 2017-11-03
Compulsory site meeting : A compulsory information session will be held at 10h00 on TUESDAY, 31/10/2017. Prospective bidders are requested to meet on the said date and time on site at Development boardroom.

Contact Person :

Zamokuhle Chiloane
Contact number : 011 929 7000 / 7194
E-mail address :
Bid validity period : 07 Days
Physical address where bid documents can be collected : ERWAT Head Office,
Hartebeestfontein Office Park,
R25, Norkem Park.
Tender Bid Box number : N/A
Day when Web Tender is to be submitted to ERWAT Offices:
Non-refundable Document fee : N/A
CIBD Required N/A
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Work offered that DO NOT comply with the specifications will not be evaluated. The successful bidder must register on National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database. (

Website Tenders evaluation shall be performed on 80:20 principles (Pricing and functionality 80% and BBBEE 20%)


  • Valid Certified copy or original BBBEE Compliance Certificate;
  • Valid Tax Clearance Pin issued by SARS on e-filing;
  • Copy of Latest Municipal Account (not older than three months from date of closing);
  • Declaration of Interest – MBD 4.2 [ download form ].

NB: Bidders will not be allowed on any of the ERWAT sites without a work permit and the correct PPE gear.


All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with the relevant bid number and description that must be deposited in the relevant tender box on the said closing date on or before 12:00 pm

No late bids will be accepted or considered.

Bidders are required to ensure that their bid is deposited in the correct bid box that is marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

The closing date will be the indication for which tender box day is relevant.