Author: Zanele
Date posted: 2018-02-14
Bid Number: ERW201802/029

Bidders are hereby invited for the:

Road sweeper for Waterval




Comply to Spec


Traction road sweeper

1.     100% local manufactured.

2.    The sweeper can be towed with a tractor or a LDV.

3.    Drive to the segments (brushes) is from the rear wheels via a heavy duty chain – to the gearbox.

4.    A two speed gearbox with a neutral position to allows for the selection of brush rotation speeds at either a 100 or 150 RPM.

5.    Fitted with an operator’s platform guard, a hood lifting bar and a hood chain guard.

6.    On completion the unit will be mechanically cleaned, wire brushed, acid washed, primed and painted in enamel paint – colour Yellow.

7.    Easily attachable and with a three wheel chassis to give the shortest turning radius of any comparable sweeper.

8.    The brushes to be powered from the rear wheels, must be fitted with ratchet-type differentials.

9.    Drive may be completed through a two speed gearbox with a neutral universal coupling, heavy duty chains and sprockets.

10.  Hood/mud flap must be fitted in front of the broom hood to eliminate most of the stones being flicked onto the driver and towing vehicle.

11.  Must be interchangeable with a rubber squeegee that can be fitted in place of the brooms



Frame : Rigid all-welded heavy-duty steel construction

Rear axle: 50,8mm dia steel axle with self-aligned H/D pre-lubed bearings

Front axle: Stub axle on tapered roller bearings

Front tyres: 155 x 13 x 4 ply passenger

Rear tyres: 600 x 16 x 4 ply traction

Brush frame assy: 30° left or right angle

Brushes: 762mm diameter

304,8mm brush sections

1 set / 8 brushes - 11kg / brush

Sweeping path: 2133,6 mm at 30° left or right

Dimensions: Maximum Length (incl tow bar) 4928mm

Length (excl tow bar) 3404mm

Width 2750mm

Height 2150mm

Weight 997.9kg


Broom segment (8 blocks = 1 set)

Brush live span: (minimum hours)

• 280 hours on concrete or tar surface

• 400 hours on slushing or dirt roads


Size of brush:

             • Diameter: 762mm

             • Brush section: 300mm

             • Centre square: 40 x 40mm

             • Weight: 11kg




Written guarantee for a minimum of 2 years on equipment



Quotation requirements:

Work offered that DO NOT comply with the specifications will not be evaluated. The successful bidder must register on the ERWAT vendors list. Forms to be downloaded from the ERWAT website. Quotation evaluation shall be performed on 80:20 principle (pricing and functionality 80% and BBBEE 20%)

Functionality criteria:

Bidder must obtain a minimum score of 70% of the functionality criteria, all bids lower than 70% will be disqualified and not further evaluated.


Functionality score

Score Obtained


·        Offered quotation as per specifications = 20


Technical data sheet for equipment offered to be attached to quotation complete with operating capabilities, durability and origin. Failure to supply above will result to zero score obtained.



20 points


Company experience in building and supplying road sweeping equipment; Portfolio of evidence should be provided with completion certificates

- > 5 projects    =60

- 4 projects      =50

- 3 projects      =40

- Less than 3     =30

- Not submitted   =0

 60 points



2 Years = 20

1 Year = 10

>1 Year = 0

20 points


Total points

100 points


General Notes and Requirements

1.         Please note that the Contractor will be responsible for his own safety and transport arrangements.

2.         Note that an official order number will only be issued to service providers on the ERWAT procurement vendor list.  Service providers who wish to apply to be placed on the mentioned list can offload the application document from the ERWAT website on







Bid closing date: 2018-02-21
Compulsory site meeting: A compulsory information session will be held at 10h00 on FRIDAY, 16/02/2018. Prospective bidders are requested to meet on the said date and time on site at Waterval Plant .

Contact Person:

Stefanus Weyers
Contact number: 084 951 0230
E-mail address:
Bid validity period: 07 Days
Physical address
where bid documents
can be collected:
ERWAT Head Office,
Hartebeestfontein Office Park,
R25, Norkem Park.
Day when Quotation is to be submitted to ERWAT Offices:



Work offered that DO NOT comply with the specifications will not be evaluated. The successful bidder must register on National Treasury’s Centralised Supplier Database.


  • Valid Certified copy or original BBBEE Compliance Certificate;
  • Valid Tax Clearance Pin issued by SARS on e-filing;
  • Copy of Latest Municipal Account (not older than three months from date of closing);
  • Declaration of Interest – MBD 4.2

NB: Bidders will not be allowed on any of the ERWAT sites without a work permit and the correct PPE gear.


  • Request for Quotations must be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address:
  • ERWAT reserves the right to not accept the lowest bid, to award the quote to more than one bidder, to award the quote in part or to not award it at all and bidders will have no claim of any kind in this regard.
  • The subject line must only contain the RFQ number and description, quotations that do not follow these conventions will not be considered.
  • Quotations that are not received on the specific date and time, will be marked as late responses and such quotations will, in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy of ERWAT, not be considered by ERWAT as valid